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Wednesday Wishing

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Wednesday Wishing
  • for more rain.
    30% chance for this afternoon.

    Our hummers always arrive on March 16.

    I heard a fox barking when I went out to feed this morning.
    They have lived on this property for years.

    Sarcee's split on her front has returned.
    I knew it was too good to be true thinking it was gone for good.
    All need a trim so I guess she will be first.

    Surprise call from our New Mexico friend.
    She is coming for a few days this weekend for a sanity break.
    Nice that someone thinks we are sane?

    I hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend.
  • It has been pouring buckets all day.  Particularly since the sun went down.  Glad I put the bowl in the Lounge and turned the trash basket in my little kitchen.  Yeah, the trailer in Fawn lodge leaks on the forward end of both front vents.  Probably a gift from the tree branches that hit it in Washington.  

    I left my rain coats in Fawn Lodge and cut holes in a heavy trash bag as an impromptu rain coat.  You can imagine what the horses thought of that!  Louie was quite the drama queen about it.  Oh, but are those cookies???  Silly pony.

    Jmebear went for eye surgery (cataract) this afternoon.  Ruby was heart broken that she couldn't go along for the trip, silly girl.  Jmebear is doing a lot better this evening.

    Other than that a rather dull day.

    I hope everyone has a great week.