Well, I finally got my Station Wagon's motor to turn!  It was stuck and yesterday I attached a socket and breaker-bar to the mainshaft's front and wiggled it till it finally moved.  Been spraying WD40 in the cylinders and wiggling it for days.  Now all I have to do is order new head gaskets and start over.

Phone is out... again.  However I am told Ma Bell is discontinuing land line service in rual areas.  Great...  Well looks like I'll have to get a Cell after all.  That and a Faraday bag or case for it (no tracking that way).  One more thing to lose wherever.  Oi...  Fortunately we get service here now.  However Oak Run doesn't have service, so I don't know what Jmebear is going to do.  Her internet is tied into the phone line.

Missing Socks a lot today.  I have to get my horse trailer fixed.

Rethinking the greenhouse and garden due to this past week.  Thinking about not doing it here anyway.  Among other things.

Sitting in the house twiddling my thumbs because the only things I can get done right now are things that would have to be done in the rain.  Nope.  Not at thirty-five degrees I'm not.

Hope everyone has a great week.