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Monday Moving Stiff

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Monday Moving Stiff
  • Had a ride on Chica yesterday.
    She doesn't like riding with geldings other than Tex.
    B came yesterday and rode Sarcee so I could take Chica out after a long lay off.

    I must have been riding tense because I am sore today.
    We all did great except when we were attacked by an armadillo.
    The mares didn't really care but B and I braced for a rodeo.
    The dang thing charged right at Chica and I.
    Anyway proud of my Princess.

    Sarcee seemed a bit sore on her left hind afterward.
    After her cold weather antics this past week i started her on MSM and Glucosamine
    The Queen is 24 after all.

    Everyone have a great week.

  • Not a very nice stay this time in Fawn Lodge.  I guess missing my horses is getting to me.  Just not a willing grease monkey, I guess.

    You know, Socks is twenty-one this year.  I can't get over him being an old man.

    I can relate to having trouble with bulbs and such.  The gophers LOVE Tulips here at the 'Lodge!  They leave the Daffy-down-dillys alone.  Tulips don't last more than one, possibly two, seasons.  They wiped out the lillies as well.  This cold end to Fall and warm start to winter fooled all the bulbs into coming up and many bloomed.  Now they're getting hammered by these freezing nights, cold days, and snow.  Winter was cruel this year.  I hope my Lilacs weren't ruined by this.  We shall see in May/June.

    I hope everyone has a great week.