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froggy Saturday

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froggy Saturday
  • Well, the clouds decided it was too much trouble to climb over Buckhorn and just laid down for a nap here in Lewiston and Fawn Lodge.  It's that piercing kind of cold that sneaks through every opening and opportunity.  Still better than what's in store for next week:

    Well the weather' gonna be a bit frightful!  Don'cha know the fire'll be delightful!  But I'm tell'in ya right now next week is... rain and snow, rain and snow, rain and snow!

    Hopefully, March will come in like a Lion and go out like a lamb...  One can hope anyway.

    Found out about a motor for Bess, possibly.  Greenhouse is coming along slowly.  Hopefully I can make this weekend productive.  Next week isn't going to help things...

    I hope everyone else has a great week.

  • Wow Stude sure wish you could send us some of your precipitation.

    We are dry, dry, dry and eighties already.

  • I would gladly send you a week of downpours DH!  #|~D)   Wouldn't know how to post that though...  #;~P