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warm toasty Wednesday...

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warm toasty Wednesday...
  • here in the house.  I broke down and lit a fire in the wood stove.  The living Room and Kitchen are seventy degrees.  Ahhhhhh... comfy!  My roommate considers this a waste of firewood, tough, I don't!  Otherwise squalls of rain blowing over and a steady rain with periods of heavy downfall.  I love being inside and looking out at this kind of thing! #;~P  #|~D)

    The greenhouse is coming along slowly.  Working with scrap wood kinda makes the project into a puzzle with a lot of mis-matching pieces.  Only one more wall to go before I can start putting up the roof.  Well and I have to get the center support beam up too.  So far so good.

    I am skiving off today from working on Bess.  I SHOULD be working on her and... no.  'I can't do that today!  If ah do that today it'll jus' drive me crazy!  I'll do it tomorrow!'  So there.

    Went to town with the Roommate, did laundry (small load) and went to store for a few things...  Well... went for a few things.  Ended up buying far more than I should. <roll-eyes>  I'm so weak.  Not at all ashamed of it either... #:~D)

    Well, today is both Valentine's day and hump day.  Funny that, Valentine's day is the celebration of the martyring of Bishop Valentinus.  Yet we still celebrate as if it's still Cupididtas or Lupercalia.  A celebration of love and fertility for Cupid and his mother Venus.  Valentinus is all but forgotten.  Various reasons are given for his martyrdom.  Some people say it was because there were several Valentinuses.  Still some say he died because of refusing to recant his Christian faith.  Some say he died because he converted Claudius Ceasar's daughter Claudia Antonia to Christianity.  Still others say Valentinus was Martyred for performing marriages for under age young men.  Some say that after he was killed Claudia Antonia buried him in a Tomb of her own and planted Almond trees around it (a symbol of pure, unsullied love to Romans).  For centuries it was traditional for sprigs of Almond flowers to be given on Feb. 14.  Likely they shifted to other flowers because of the difficulty of procuring Almond flowers on Feb 14th.  Well, that's how it was told to me anyway.

    I hope everyone has a great week at this half-way point of February.

  • Firewood is meant to be burned! I suppose your roommate wants it colder before you hit the supply.

    Never knew all that about Valentines Day, or I forgot it all! To me it is just a Hallmark Day. As I am married I do partake in the ritual as it is in my best interest!

  • yah, Tuesday I could see my breath in the house!  Really???  I think most of his problem is that I was telling him all summer that he would need more firewood than he was splitting to keep the house warm this winter.  He kept saying that with the El Nino effect developing in the Pacific, there would be no need for that much wood!  Sometimes I hate being right... #:~D)

  • Ny mantra is there is never enough firewood.