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Friday Finish

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Friday Finish
  • Our great weather is coming to end.
    70's are wrapping up and highs will only be mid 50's.
    Still not awful.

    We are going to try to fit in a trail ride Sunday.
    MaderChica comes for a visit next week.
    I hope we can get a couple rides in while she is here.

    Tex is doing well considering only 3 rides since July?
    He is always a trusty mount, just needs reminders how to neck rein.

    I have Sarcee slowed down enough for the girls to ride.
    Who thought she would still be a speed demon at 23.
    Now back to Chica the diva.

    Everyone have a Fine Friday.

  • The ads have become intolerable in this site again.

  • Stude, you may want to look into adding Adblock Plus to your browser. It blocks a LOT of ads. I haven't see ads here in years :-)