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Sunday Sunny

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Sunday Sunny
  • We are having a great stretch of weather.
    Daytime 70 and 40 at night.

    I had a group over for a trail ride yesterday.
    Great weather and great friends.
    All did well.

    Have a great Sunday everyone.
  • Rained on Friday, but I still got quite a bit done on the green house.  Downpours all day Saturday.  Didn't get much of anything done.  Haven't been able to get hold of jmebear and she is supposed to come get me tomorrow.  We shall see if that happens.  All things good in Fawn Lodge today.

  • Had mostly rain and chill since Thanksgiving.  Son  here since Thanksgiving...the one from HI.   He leaves Wednesday.  Will stop in Oregon to see a friend there and then back home.  I will  miss him...he is getting quite a bit done while here.  Plus kinda like his company.

    Tessa is doing well.  Still have not ridden here.  Had  planned on a saddle fit while James is here but with the weather not interested in it...me, not him.

    Glad to see you all.

  • Last weekend was supposed to be pretty much a washout. Never saw a drop! That said, we got two rides in. Wife has a past co-worker coming in January for a ride, she used to ride. That being the case wife and I are doing some horse swapping. She will have to ride Apache and friend will ride Fancy. Wife and Apache need to get used to each other. Went well last weekend. We are going to add middle of the week riding, which we use to do all the time. It was harder when working.  Wife is retired now and I work from home so we do it while the sun is still shining. Not long rides but still squeeze one in during the week.