Well, tearing down the Blazer for its S10 chassis.  Found out the left-side draglink is bad.  Will have to replace that.  Keep finding things wrong.  Oh, like the free vice-grips sealing off the front right-side brake line.  Yeah... there really was a reason this truck was so cheap.  

The front clip is off along with the Chevy environmental system.  Still have to disconnect the control panel and then I can remove the instrument cluster.  Then start dismantling the rest of the dash.  Once all of that is done, I can cut off the firewall and start taking the Studebaker body apart.  Oh...joy.

About all I'm doing with the horses today is missing them. #:~(

Very smoky from the fire in Hayfork today.  Not bad enough to cause discomfort.  Just hazy.  Kind of a pink haze at present.  The ridge down the road, across the gap is looking sort of Cape Cod Grey.

Well, the tomatoes are producing their little hearts out.  Hopefully I can get enough of the Green house done that I don't lose them if there's an early frost.  Yes, we could get one any time now.  doesn't look like it in the forecast, however the night temps are in the forties for the next few weeks.

Hope everyone has a great week. #:~D  Oh, forgot I have glasses. #8~D   LOL! #8~D)