Drove Socks the last two days.  He's such a wonderful horse!  I haven't had him out for months.  If it's over ninety I won't drive him and it has been consistently over ninety since June.  There have been a few cooler days and Unfortunately I have been in Fawn Lodge on those days. #:~(  Both days Socks seemed to be going out of his way to be good.  Love him to pieces.  Poor Louie, I'll have to work with him next time.

Raven's feet needed doing on the fourth.  The Farrier, who told me last month I had an appointment, didn't show up.  He wanted to arrange for today or Saturday and I said no, the fourth of October please.  He will do better anyway because then he can do Socks and Auntie Bea too.  Problem is, Raven is post-Laminitic and a Cushing's pony.  So letting her go like this is a problem.  I think it's time to look for another Farrier.  So difficult in this area. Actually, everything is getting difficult in this state.  Wish I had a way to defect from Soviet California.

Back to Fawn Lodge this afternoon.  Car is unloaded and I'm looking at picking up where I left off.  The cover is here for the green house.  It came in two parts, white and yellow.  I contacted the distributor and he said the yellow is just out of a more recently opened box.  So I got a fresh one and a stale one! #;~P  Need to buy some more lumber and am presently broke.  So, that really backs things up at an alarming rate.  I can't start construction till I have the sill plates (treated lumber) and that stuff is expensive.  Too broke for that Home Depot trip.  This is pushing things very close to first frost!  Not good!  Nights are getting colder too.  The tomatoes FINALLY have some really beautiful tomatoes on.  About bloody damned time!(◔_◔)  Nice peppers too.  A few really big ones! #:~)  Lotsa beans from a five year old package of seeds.  Nice big yellow string beans, love them!  So, thankfully the obscene heat of this past summer didn't kill everything off and the first raised bed is a resounding success! \(^ o ^)/  Now all I have to do is build the other three! #:~D  That should keep me busy for the next two weeks.  Along with getting the Studebaker going again... 
Easy-peasy, uh huh, right. (◔_◔) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)つ━☆・*。

I hope everyone around here has a great weekend!  #:~D