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Slow Saturday

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Slow Saturday
  • The only day this week I don't have to go somewhere.
    I have plenty of watering to do.
    But that is my only plan.

    I hope everyone is well.
  • Still working at getting one of my vehicles on the road.  Seems like no matter what I do it's going to cost between fifteen hundred and two thousand to get one on the road.  Registration and Insurance are a large chunk of it.  Working on one of the Studebaker projects the last week.  

    Am also working on completing the plumbing project I started some time ago.  Had to take Jmebear's tractor back and am filling these trenches by hand is time and back consuming.  However, I now have water down below where I am planning on putting the horses.  Woo and Hoo. (said with a rather exhausted chuckle #;~P)  I'm hoping to put a spigot  in front of each stall for tanks with autofill (or more precisely overflow protection valves <roll of the eyes>).  It's nice to see the end of this project, however there is still a lot to do before the temps drop to freezing.

    My third project is a green house so that I can grow food largely year 'round.  I have ordered the greenhouse-plastic for the roof and walls of this and am expecting it next week.  Couldn't do the purchase for all of it so I'll be broke in October as well.  Woo and Hoo again. <roll of the eyes>

    Well, I have chores to attend to.  Such fun. 
    Hope everyone has a great week.  #:~D
    I miss having smilies and emoticons on this forum... sigh.