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Wednesday We

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Wednesday We
  • need rain.
    It is so dry.
    I can't keep all the shrubs watered.
    We will lose some rosemary and salvias.
    Salvias can be easily replaced and I am not a fan of rosemary.
    The large shrubs, figs and trees are the priority.

    We need rain badly.

    Another week and month already half over.
    I hope all are keeping cool.
  • We've been getting (largely dry) thunder storms up here in Nor. Cal. for the past week or so.  Fires all over the place as a result.    Smokey here in Fawn Lodge and Oak Run as a result.  Woke up to strong smell of smoke on Wednesday in Oak Run.  The fire is in Siskiyou county  about fifty miles away.  There have  been a few odd scattered showers, enough to keep the dust down.  Yesterday we got a rather long, sustained shower.  Lasted several hours.

    Finally figured out how to grow Tomatoes here.  Shade Cloth is the trick.  The first phase of the raised garden is a success!  I'll be building several more.  then I hope to cover the whole thing with a tunnel-type Greenhouse cover.  This will have a wood framework and look like a very large cold frame.  I hope to have at least four raised garden boxes in it.  We'll see how well it works.  If successful, I will have a twenty foot square garden all winter .  Will also be putting raised boxes on the other side of the driveway that won't be protected against the winter weather.  They have hardware cloth over the bottom and are gopher proof as well.

    Completed the Fence at Jmebear's place in Oak Run.   Well sort of.  It will keep the boys in as they're pretty reliable with a fence.  The gates are held up with hay string, but are sufficient of a barrier to do their job.  I also have to tension that section along the road as well.  The big boys have been running around out there and having a great time!   Socks likes to stand at the end of the arena and be with his little girlfriend.  She likes Louie (modern Shetland 11-2) better than Socks (Hackney Horse 16-2), but still stands there with him.

    Thought I had the tractor fixed and it sprung another leak in the lines feeding the dump cylinder on the bucket.  The leak is on the arm though.  What a PITA!  Will have to get it fixed... AGAIN!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!