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Sunday Simmer

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Sunday Simmer
  • We are in for a week of hot and dry.
    Upper nineties and breezy.
    Time for some indoor projects?

    I did get Sarcee's feet done yesterday.
    She still has the crack in her front.
    Tex is next. I got a new rasp for his big feet.
    Chica needs a touch up as well but should be mostly rasping.

    I hope everyone is well.
  • Well, I have on gate and a hundred feet of fencing up.  I'll be able to tension it today, if I can get the post stabilized.  Looks like I'll have to set another though.  The hill drops off about fifty feet from it and some kind of support will be needed if I don't want the wire to pucker or creep downwards at the crest.

    It has been hot here also.  Supposed to go nowhere but up for the next five days or so.

    Raven is sound and up to mischief.  Good to see that.  I've switched her to Safe Starch hay replacement from Triple Crown.  Now if only I can keep up a consistent supply.  So far, not very consistent and certainly not reliable at all.  Bloody stuff is ex-pen-sive!  However it does seem to be doing the trick.  This eleven hand Shetland costs more to feed than my sixteen and a half hand Hackney!


    Hope everyone has a great week.

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  • Neighbor down the road got a new horse. She brought him to the barn where he got to meet Fancy and Apache. Fancy did what she always does, squeal and a little front leg stomp. We then went on a very nice and uneventful ride!

    Been hot here but not nearly as bad as they have been forecasting. So far rain has been good, a little above average.