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Friday Some Fine

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Friday Some Fine
  • rain was received this past week.
    It is amazing how fast everything turns from brown to green.
    Horses are loving extra long turnouts.
    More forecast tonight and tomorrow.

    Have errands today.
    We will see how much higher prices are for necessities.

    Got a good trim done on both Sarcee and Tex.
    I think I got Sarcee's front split on the mend.

    I hope all had an enjoyable Spring.

  • "It is amazing how fast everything turns from brown to green."

    Or the other way around, here in Northern California!  We are already having fires here in Trinity County!  Seems like it never ends sometimes.  Peanut (yeah, the town is that small), south of us, is on fire.  Hopefully they get it put out quickly.  Not looking forward to this year's fire season.

    Poor Dave (one of my roommates), none of his vehicles are cooperating.  If it isn't one thing it's another.  He went to the trouble of adapting a rear-end for his van and it hasn't worked out yet.  Really looked like it would be good and it wasn't.  I've been trapped here in Fawn Lodge (not a bad thing for me, however a problem for jmebear) for a couple of weeks due to the van (and my own vehicles) being down.  Poor fellow is just having a bad run of luck.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.

  • All the storms missed us again per usual.

    Still  slight chance today and tomorrow.

    A ride is scheduled for tomorrow  so it would be nice to get on a horse.

    But rain is always the best reason for a ride to be cancelled.

    I hope everyone's luck changes to good over this weekend!