Rough day with the roommates yesterday.  Looks like my wagon's motor has bit the dust.  I'm going to take it apart and do a rebuild on it though.  In the meantime I have another engine to take its place.  I hope it will work out.  Turns over but I can't get it to fire.

Moved another carriage into the new carriage shed.  So much nicer having such a place to put them.  Wish I could afford a proper Carriage House.  Oh well.  Gotta get corrals and a barn up for now.

Tried to head for Oak Run and the truck started acting up, so headed back to Fawn Lodge.  The nib that the hose from the overflow tank attaches to the radiator broke off.  Will have to fix that or replace the radiator.  Can't braze though.  So will likely have to replace the radiator.  No pony fix this week...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!