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Tuesday Tacking

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Tuesday Tacking
  • Quilts not horses.
    A friend is involved in the Lutheran relief quilting organization.
    She always invites me to attend their tacking day.
    They try to send a hundred quilts a year all over the world.

    My grandmother used to take me when I was young.
    So it is a near and dear project.
    I am hoping to find time to actually sew quilt tops to donate.

    Murky weather here but just drizzly.
    I had to put lights and plastic back on my lemon and lime tree for a couple days
    And I covered the tomatoes plants just to be cautious.

    Not much horsing here except grooming the Spring shed and trimming hooves.
    Jet now drags his fronts after the EPM.
    One front grows a super tall bar and he has excess sole growth on both fronts.
    From the medicine I guess?
    And he isn't a fan of holding his feet up now that he seems stable enough.
    Reteach I guess.

    Everyone have a terrific Tuesday.
  • Yeah, I'm behind with mine too.  Socks needs some cleaning up and frog trimming and I asked the Farrier's wife today if he could look at him next Thursday when he comes to do Raven.   She said Socks is eleven weeks out at present!  Yet his feet only look slightly long, if a touch ragged.  I mean, he looks like a good filing around the edges would do.  This is his worst time of the year too!  I LOVE Hackneys!  Anyway, all three of mine will need doing.

    This lovely weather will be going away next week.  We're looking at rain again for a week.  

    Currently working on an International (1972?) pickup that has been rather jerry-rigged onto a Chevy chassis.  It was a mechanic's truck who retired and sold off everything to go live with his sister.  Nice fellow.  I'll miss him a lot.  


    Working through to figure out just how the fuel system has been done.  Lord, what a mess!  No small wonder the silly thing won't run.  I'm confident I can get it going.  Debating weather I want to drop the fuel tank tomorrow though.  I still have to get to work on my Studebaker too.  The old lady needs to be put back to work.  I miss her.

    Sorry, not a lot of horse stuff.  I have to get the support staff back up and running to play with the ponies.

    Hope everyone has a great week!

  •  the "kids' arrived at their home safely around midnight their time...over 24 hours of travel and layovers.  YIKES!  Just heard thunder and it is is pouring out there.

    Might have someone to take Banker.  I know he would have a great life with her but not sure she needs to be saddled with a vision impaired horse.;

    Lily is doing great and is growing too fast...already taller and bigger than her mom. She looks more like a small GSD than cattle dog.