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Monday Major Busy

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Monday Major Busy
  • week.
    One of those weeks, I'll be glad when it's over.
    And people still want to add stuff.

    Good thing chores are lighter.
    Bull is gone and calves are out of weaning pen.
    That leaves cows every other and horses.
    I have to do a neighbor's chores for a few days but I am glad to help,
    Makes asking if I am in need easier.

    Good title Stude.
    Seems everything these days is "Freak'in".

    Connie enjoy your visit with family.

    Have an easy week everyone.

  • the "kids" left to stay with a friend last night...he lives right by the airport so that saved me a four in the morning wake up...early flight for them.  I missed them as soon as they walked out the door.  They did a lot here for me.  Hopefully, I will be able to find the things they relocated that I want and use.

    No one seems to want Banker.  I would love to give him to a home but it is beginning to look like  putting him down will be the solution...he and Jade do not get along well and she now knows she has the upper hand and I worry about her putting him over the cliff.

    Lily and Erica spent a lot of quality time together and she is so much more mature after two weeks with her.  Yesterday, before they left, they put up a 50' runner for her.  They also put her on it to test it.  Seems to be a good fit.

    Step son replaced the noisy exhaust pipe on my car and will put in new tierods this week.  Then the car is good except for a major repair that I will need if I keep this car...but that is down the road;.