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Freak'in Friday the Fourteenth!

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Freak'in Friday the Fourteenth!
  • Wish I had something to go with that title.   It sounded good, so I went with it.

    Just a quiet day of putting everyone out and cleaning up after 'em.  Put Auntie Bea and her son, Bennie out on the long grass in front of the house.  Didn't want them to have too much of that.  So they got about thirty minutes of it before Jmebear pointedly reminded me how long they'd been out there.  Bennie's chubby enough.  'Course, like his mother, he's just kinda built that way.  I tied them up and pulled Louie out of the arena and then put Bea Bea and Bennie in there.  Louie was glad to get out.  Abby is kinda, nutzo for males.  Louie was like, "get me out of here!  She's crazy man!"   Wiped his face with fly spray and spritzed the rest of him.  He's so much better about that than he used to be!

      The big boys are next door.  Well, Louie is just a Shetland, but he thinks he's a big boy, so I guess that counts.  Still haven't rebuilt the fences on this place.  The cost of wire and posts, you know.  So here we are, years later, still going next door.

    Well, like I said, a quiet day here.  Hope everyone else has blue skies and fluffy clouds too.  Next week is predicted to be the opposite for here.

  • Waiting to see if a Standardbred rescue that is Legit and close by will take Banker...his vision is getting worse.  So rapidly.  His UV fly mask came yesterday so he got to go out this morning.  Need to get showered and ready for Church...reading scripture this morning.  then, after Church I get to go to my step'son's garage and he will hopefully work on my car and make it all better.  One thing after another it seems

    Son and his woman are here from HI...thought they were just going to move furniture out I do not want or need...nope...living room/dining room area looks like a disaster and only one piece of furniture has gone out.