Sadness. Still adjusting to Tonto being gone.
Thank you for your thoughts. I know you have all been through it.
Dr. K was such a dear, coming on his day off to help us.

Going to ride with a couple friends today.

No rain here yet. It is so dry.
Chance for some at the end of the coming week.

I am okay on hay but alfalfa is not available.
I have one not good big bale left. Sarcee is picking through it.
And she is getting a small amount of hay, only the shorter strands since she is only suppose to have alfalfa.

Jet is getting a mixture of compressed, chopped, and soaked alfalfa cubes.
Another month before we can alfalfa bales.

I am sorry other about Jmebear's pain.
I hope she gets some relief soon.

Have a super nice Sunday.