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Thursday Thirsty

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Thursday Thirsty
  • Rain forecast for this afternoon.
    I hope we get some.

    Stude, Crazy! I have never heard of that much hail.
    I hope your roofs survived between the massive hail storm and snow load.
    Global warming has been debunked by scientists since the beginning.

    Edited to add-

    Today is Texas Independence Day.

  •   Strange weather all over the country it seems.  Here we have had a mild winter so far but I don't mind that.  

    I asked my regular horse vet if she "does eyes'  she said yes but she would recommend a vet from a group practice.  Seems that group does a spring special for shots if you book in advance and they only charge $25 farm call...and the one that does eyes is the one for this area so I booked and she is coming next week.  Banker sometimes has a faint cloud over his eyes...seems to see well but has trouble going from bright sunlight on snow into the dimmer light of the barn.  Really like this boy and am hoping he is not losing his eyesight.  Can't remember if I posted him here before but got him early last summer and he was advertised as a TWH but he is a freeze branded Standardbred and I got some of his history from the USTA and some from former owner/trainers.  

    It has been a long year alone but I am adjusting.

    I don't have as much energy/strength as I once did...that bout with covid really did a number on me.  So...I have a girl who comes once a week in the summer to mow the lawn and once a week this time of year to clean the barn.

    Thought I would share a couple of pictures...Banker and me and maybe one of just Banker

  • So nice to see you Connie!

    I hope you get good eye news on Banker.

    He looks like a wonderful horse.

    Tonto just turned 25 and has had eye problems since I've had him. (18 years?)

    He has weepy eyes, uveitis, blind in his good eye and the other has a tumor.

    He lives in a large arena for safety and wears a fly mask 24/7 .

    His eyes get wiped clean everyday and gets antibiotic ointment in his bad eye as needed.

  • I hope Banker is able to retain his sight and if I need to medicate so be it.  He is 17 this year.  Something about him really touches me.  Jade is a great horse but he is closer to my heart.

    good go be back.

  • Glad to see you again Connie.  I had a horse go blind and she didn't do well with it.  I currently have a little mini-mare who is nearly blind and she is adjusting very well to it.  Seems to depend on the horse. There are several Grand Prix horses in Europe that are completely blind.

    We are forecast to have at least the next ten days of snow and rain.  So far today it's rain.

    Well, I need to get out and take care of the chickens.  I hope everyone has a great Saturday and weekend.