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Sad sorrowful Sunday

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Sad sorrowful Sunday
  • I know this is Monday.  However I found out yesterday that my favourite breed of horse is dying out.  Eighty percent (roughly) of the American Hackney Horses have died out leaving only two hundred nationwide.  Not many outside the country either.  Several organizations have listed the breed as critical.  My old man is doubly precious to me as there may not be many more generations left of his brethren.  Such sad news...  So many sad things going on these dark days...

  • After I read your post on Monday I stumbled on an article about Marsh Tacky Ponies in SC. Marsh Tackies are the state horse and the Marsh Tacky Ponies are a cross of a Marsh Tasky and a Shetland type pony. The ponies live wild on two SC islands. There are only 8 left. Years ago they had gelded the 3 males that were left due to concerns of inbreeding with the goal of introducing new blood from the wild ponies in NC. That never happened. The main island they live on is privately owned and for sale. Now they are desperterly working to get the new blood from NC ponies and even if they succeed they may lose their main island.  

    Marsh Tackies are excellent at navigating swamps. Where a larger horse will sink they can get thru the swamp. The Mel Gibson movie The Patriot was losely based on Franscis Marion who was very successful against the British and hid in the swamps. He rode Marsh Tackies.