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Friday Chances

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Friday Chances
  • are slim.
    But 20% chance of showers tomorrow.
    I hope we get some rain.
    Temps are still hanging in at 100.

    I will try to get a bundle of coastal squares this afternoon.
    Going to need some rounds for weaning calves soon also.

    I hope everyone has a cool day.

  • Not quite so hot today.  'Only' mid nineties.  I sure miss that tree which fell over a few years ago.  Gets really hot in the late afternoon in here now.

    I have to buy Alfalfa tomorrow.  Not looking forward to it.  I may need preparation H afterwards.

    The spring has quit completely now.  Found a dead opossum in the Cistern today.  Wondered why the water had an odour to it.  I have to fix the door to keep the critters out.  Hopefully the bears won't yank it apart again.  I have to get that well going!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.