Okay... I'm melting like a sno-cone in July.  It's showing 105 on the porch Thermometer.  Feels like 110 at least.  Dave's AC is keeping me alive.  Only does one room, but I'll take it.

Back to Bear problems with the water line.  He chewed it up last week and I was able only to get barely enough water to keep the garden alive whilst I was gone.  Tomatoes seem to be thriving in this heat.  I'm wilting, but they seem to love it.  Ran the pump for an hour or so and didn't fill the tank.  That was three day's worth of water.  I do have a leak in the line still.  So that has to be fixed ASAP.  Really HAVE to get the well on line.  I have yet to get a 220 appliance cord, and then figure out the pump controller.  All of these have to be done before I can bring my horses up here.   Can't have these water problems with the kiddos around. 

Well, I hope everyone has a great week!