Of hundred-plus temps!  Oi, summer has arrived with a vengeance.  I can only pray there aren't the fires we have had over the recent past.  We have had a few small ones, but nothing like a few years ago.  My red Poppies are done.  cooked well done over the last two days.  The purple ones are still holding in there, but no flowers.  The Tomatoes look fab, my lettuce has crisped, and the peppers look great, if small.

No screaming about the electric bill from senior roommate.  So, I'm glad of that.   So are the puppies.  Neither of them will go outside in the heat anymore.  Spoiled babies. 

Raven had her feet done again on Monday.  She's sore.  Poor thing was doing so well.  I really am considering having her set up in Form-a-Hoof boots.  It's expensive, however I'm not sure anything else will give her sufficient relief.  All because of the jerk who used to own her.

The heat has been limiting my time working on the fencing.  Hence, it's going very slowly.  It was lovely this morning though.  Should have done a lot more than I did.  Only have two more days to get the work done here.

Hope everyone has a great week and keeps cool.