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Thursday The Meds

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Thursday The Meds
  • for Jet are finished.
    The actual RX ones.
    Luckily we bought extras early on because now there is a manufacturers backorder.
    For a med that you cannot miss a dose.

    I am still giving him a non RX med plus the recommended dose of Vitamin E.
    He has improved.

    Back to my 3 days of volunteer shifts for the rest of the week.
    I got groceries for yesterday and some for C.
    R can't be left alone so helping however we can.

    I hope everyone is well and stays safe and cool.
  • Well my son got married today.  Now I have three daughters.


    Been little bit of rain here and there, little be key word.  Still lots around us but we get little. July 4th 20 minutes from us 4got " in 1 hour, we got nothing. Granted, I don't want that much at one time.

    A week ago got back from several days of camping with a couple grandkids. Took a break during long bike ride and 9 year old granddaughter got stung 3 times by a wasp and the wife got hit 2 times. 6 year old grandson and I decided not to sit on the bench where the nest was apparently located. Not a fun time. Granddaughter had to toughen up and get back on the bike to get back to the campsite.  

    Last Saturday tested positive for COVID so got to skip my sister's wedding, DAMN. I can't figure out this marriage. Why would a man my age insert himself into a family with 2 grown WORTHLESS daughters and 5 grandchildren all living there. My sister is not worth it, she is one of the laziest people on the face of this planet and has been since I was a youngster. HAHAHAHAHA