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Still Frying Friday

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Still Frying Friday
  • We should get a couple days relief Monday and Tuesday.
    I hope the predicted showers come with it.

    Connie congrats on Ben.
    He is a nice looking horse.
    Boss is the best thing for fixing feet.

    Missy Chica came in with some nice cuts on her butt.
    Grr, She gets granulex on them for a few days.
    And another med on board for Jet.

    2nd cut is coming in, maybe get some today.
    Hate to be unloading hay at a 100 degrees.

    Forgot to add, the last calf arrived. Black and white. Don't know if heifer or bull yet.A bit knock kneed but should grow out of that.

    Weirdly it has a backwards 7 blaze. It is our 7th calf. 

    Have a cool weekend everyone.

  • Well, sorry DH, but Soviet California isn't cooperating.  Except along the coast, of course.  It has been over a hundred here in Fawn Lodge for five days now.  Good news to that is my tomatoes and peppers seem to love it!  Even the lettuce is doing great!  I do wish it was taller...  The poppies aren't happy about it though.  I may yet break down and just plant beans in the ground.  Gophers or no...

    Still working on moving out of my storage unit.  The heat is brutal in there.  However about all I have left is the dining room stuff and some odd bits and bobs.  The trailer will go with me today and that should be the last of that.  Then I take down the last of the 'Second Floor' and all I have left is cleanup.  It's hard to believe I have been in that place twelve years now.  It has been sixteen years since losing my home and moving here.

    I miss my horses.  Have to get cracking on making them a place here.  Wish I could get the neighbors to allow me crossing their property and allowing me to clean up the old Wagon road that serves all of our properties.  Sadly, they closed that road.  It would be such a lovely drive with my carriages.  However they're obstinate about the subject.  The immediate neighbors are mostly annoyed that this house has been using a spring on their property as a water supply for sixty years.  It was all one property as one time and so originally not a problem.  The property owner here, my friend George, was forced to drill a well (fifteen thousand dollars thrown down that hole) twenty years ago and we are only just getting it going.  The pump, wiring, and water line are in.  It's just getting it all done up so that we can run it off the generator.  Then we'll have another water supply for when the spring dries up in July and August.  I'm hoping for a miracle this year and no problems.  We shall see.

    My truck is still not on the road.  This registering it in S. Dakota seems to have been a rather poor idea.  I'm going to have to find smog equipment and just register it to California.  In the meantime, looks like a new carb is needed.  The other ford (with the blown engine) may have a chance as the original truck I wanted may be available.  It has a new, unused short block in it and a lot of new parts as well.  I can use it to fix and get the '94 going.  That's two trucks to move with, If need be.  The way things are going...

    Well, I'm sitting here enjoying the lovely coolness of the morning and getting exactly nothing done.  So I must get to work.  I too hope everyone has had a great weekend and week to come.