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Friday For
  • more heat and volunteering.

    Tired of both
    I was wiped out yesterday from being out in the heat on Wednesday.
    I did get Tonto out. Luckily he likes longer grass.

    We are still waiting for the last calf to arrive.
    Also the outcast doe I was feeding disappeared for a week.
    I thought she may have gone to have her fawn.
    Nope she showed up again, still obviously pregnant and hungry.

    Keep cool.

  • You do know the beauty of volunteering is that you don't HAVE to go.  If you don't show up what are they going to do, fire you?

    Overcast and muggy.  Otherwise a nice cool day here in Oak Run.

    Louie is responding nicely to treatment, however this come and go infection is getting old.

  • Stude glad you had a cool day.

    No relief from heat here.

    I don't mind the heat but the lack of rain is a problem.

    I forget what is Louie's infection problem, hoof?

    My volunteer team depends on my showing up and of course the community.

    The organization treats us badly so we may all walk.

    Everyone be well.

  • Louie impaled himself whilst out playing in the paddock next door.  This happened last spring, in April, I think.   Because of this accident, no one was allowed time out there this past Summer.  It healed nicely and we thought that was the end of it.  In Fall Louie had a huge swelling above his *** and below his neck.  After weeks of hot packs, lancing at the Vet's then flushing and cleaning, he again healed nicely.   Two weeks ago he swelled up again in the exact  same place.  It came to a head again and we've been flushing and treating the wound.  I am hoping this isn't a permanent condition.

  • An organization that treats paid employees bad is bad enough, but one that does it to volunteers?  Think I would move on.

    Poor Louie. First horse we bought was one that was pushed through the fence by another horse and impaled. We help treat him afterwards and my wife fell in love with him because of the way he handed the treatments.