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Saturday More Sprinkles

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Saturday More Sprinkles
  • I wish I had some donuts with sprinkles.
    A quick rain shower the last 2 mornings.
    Not a lot of rain but some moisture.
    The heat returns this weekend after a couple days of respite.

    So, some things about Jet have really bothered me.
    Nothing I could put together but just a gut feeling.
    He seemed to be not right lately and suddenly failing.

    I was able to get an after hours call $$ due to the Vets being shorthanded.
    I wanted peace of mind before making THE final decision.

    We are treating him for EPM.
    The actual test takes 14 days or more and can be inconclusive.
    The treatment is 28 days.
    I opted for the treatment.

    I hope everyone has a fun weekend even without sprinkles.

  • It has been raining off and on since yesterday afternoon here.  I'm thankful for the rain and the relief from another very long fire season.  It does get in the way of getting things done though.