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Sunday So Hot

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Sunday So Hot
  • Not going to ride today.
    High 90's and 100 forecast this week and next.

    Friend Amy is going to come and help with chores.
    She wants to see her retired "golden boy".

    Tonto's fronts are terribly long. I need a helper with him.

    I hope everyone has a super day.
  • Got a nice ride in on Sunday. Morning temps are nice and humidity has been low. May ride in again this morning (Monday). Heat and humidity return this week which hopefully will trigger some afternoon storms. We are getting behind with our rain.

    Saturday was spent at a lake at daughter-in-law's mother's house for annual Memorial Day get-together.  Over an hour drive to get there. Next year we are camping at a state park about 15 minutes from her house for the holiday weekend. I booked the site about a month ago and got the last one available.