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Derby Day

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Derby Day
  • I haven't watched in more than several years.

    I got a fresh this seasons 3x3 alfalfa for $190
    It is very nice.
    I will probably get another on Monday.

    Hot and humid here until mid week.
    Our first stretch of upper 90's.
    It was the same last year and Chica clocked last mothers day.

    Mothers day plans with sis.
    She has to work so grilling burgers at her house.

    I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.

  • It was a good race. True Cinderella story, which we enjoy. The horse that won only go into the race because another horse was scratched.  Mixed emotions about horse racing but it is fun to watch. Had a chance to tour Churchill Downs a few years ago and it was very interesting.  

  • I watched the video the next day.  Then I got a link to a video that showed the horse weaving through the field and finally getting to the top.  Impressive closer.  Was not thrilled with all the complaints against the outrider...apparently none of those people complaining have ever been bitten by a horse.  Was glad to see the owner (or was it the trainer?) commend the outrider for safely bringing the horse to the winner's circle.