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Wednesday recovering from

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Wednesday recovering from
  • sticker shock.  Went and got some top line feed suppliment for Echo (it really works) and at almost $30/bag I was prepared for a bigger bill but the BOSS was $35/bag.  The mill is family owned and the girl told me that it will be up another five dollars per bag with the next shipment.  She watches the market and said things are going to continue to soar.  They will plant BOSS again this year but she said she is not sure they will be able to afford the fuel to harvest it.  A $4500 load of fuel is now $18000 .... payable on delivery.  Beginning to think the horses will have to do it the Amish way and just graze all winter and the birds might have to depend on their own resources.  

    ok,  enough of the economy.  I may cut back to one horse and can not say how thankful I am that my hay supplier is close by and reasonable.  If I am wise this year I think I will take as much of last year's hay as he will spare after pasture time and hope it is enough for another winter.

    Hoping all are well and those who are too dry are getting rain...here more is predicted for today.  I may have to start a fire in the wood stove just to keep the damp off.

    Well, chores are done.  I might just finish my coffee and start on another one.

  • Craziness Connie, the whole world is just crazy.

    I haven't been hit with hay price hikes yet.

    But yes I have been buying all of last year's hay I can.

    The bale of alfalfa I got was crap. All stems and brown leaves throughout.

    I will have to up Jet's feed instead of giving him the alfalfa he needs.

    And hoping Sarcee can manage eating stems for awhile longer.

    Thankful we got rain and there is some green grass.

    On my last cup, need to get chores done.

    My priority today is to support a friend in need.

    Prayers needed for my friend  Letitia and her sis Nelly.

    Everyone have  a great day.

  • Grass is now $28 a bale and Alfalfa is $25.  It was ten or twelve dollars less last spring so has doubled.  Doubled again from five years ago.  We expect it to go up another ten dollars this summer.  Never seems to go down again anymore.  Just up, up, and up some more.

    There are a lot of farmers who are running into the fuel problem for harvest time.  We are going to be in big trouble by autumn.  This will cause famine world-wide.  I have a full pantry and so will be okay, for a while anyway.  If the administration and Congress keeps up with this, we will be in serious trouble before long.

    Got our burning finished here and none too soon.  Thought we wouldn't get to it because the rain stopped.  However, out of the blue, it rained today and is predicted to do so tomorrow as well.  Looking forward to it.  We ran out of water three days ago.  Took two days before we were able to run the pump.  Seriously curtailing water use.  This usually doesn't happen for another six weeks or two months.  That is to say late June to late July.  I'm concerned what August and September are going to be like.  We set up the little Murray trailer (was a motorcycle trailer once) to haul the small water tank.  I'll have to wrestle the 300 gal tank into the other trailer.   Got into an argument with the roommate about taking daily showers.  He insists and the supply won't support it.  I told him he will only get three a week if he's lucky.  After all, I like one or two a week too.  That wasn't good news for him.  Can't even do dishes daily or laundry at all till late Fall at this rate.  Not going to be a fun summer at this point.

    Jmebear goes to the hospital to start a series of operations to hopefully alleviate her back and neck pain.  Looks like a lot of my projects are on hold for now.  Will have to take care of her place a while.  Certainly a lot to do there.  

    Hope everyone has a great week.

  • When we got our last batch of round bales the price had shot up due to fuel cost. Scared what it will be like come Sep when we start thinking about more hay. Never had to get square bales last fall/winter. Still have quite a left few but not happy with them. Too dusty. Our fuel prices were on a downward trend for a good bit but started heading back up 2 weeks ago.

    We were supposed to have a dry Winter/Spring but are a hair above average. They are predicting a dry summer, we share see. Hate it when I start wishing for mild hurricanes to come in just for the rain.