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A new week because it is

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A new week because it is
  • Monday again.  I made it through the week.  The memorial service was a blessing to me.  It was well attended by both family and friends.  So many people took the mic and offered memories of Cal.  All touched my heart.  I received strength and read a grief poem that I felt compelled to share.  The military honors were an honor.  The food after was provided by the church and the fellowship , and food, was another blessing.

    Now, I think I have those ducks in a row and am starting to move on with things.

    Thank you to all who prayed and had encouraging thoughts and words for me.

    Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week.  Never forget to say I love you.

  • A new week and a new month.

    I hope it is good for everyone.

    Connie, I am glad to hear you say you are starting to move on.

    A hard thing but most necessary. Every step forward is a good one.

    Things greened up immediately here with the 2 inch rain we received.

    Showers were too late for May flowers but some supporting rains are now needed.

    Everyone have a lovely day.