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Friday Always Feels

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Friday Always Feels
  • like Saturday since my volunteer schedule changed.
    It's a longish work weekend but always spent with great teammates.

    Connie it is a constant muddling through paperwork for a good while.
    Do what you can when you can. Eat and sleep when you can.
    I wasn't aware you and Cal both had cardiac issues?

    Hoping the rain you sent arrives.
    It is in the forecast.

    Everyone have a wonderful weekend!
  • I never had any cardiac issues other than a bit of high blood pressure.  Then I got covid.  Then Cal's health was going down the tubes, and I developed PVC.  and blood pressure that requires meds.  I, and both cardiologists, think a lot of my problem is due to stress.  The surgeon does NOT want to overmedicate me.  Said to keep a BP diary and regular appointments with PCP and Cardiologist.  I am feeling better now that things are mostly taken care of.  Just the Memorial the 30th and then I hope all continues to improve.

    I had planned on getting rid of Echo, I do not need two horses but she has been snuggling up to me of late and my heart is getting melted.  Hay is not a huge issue here for me but grain is going through the roof.

    Looks like I will be  heating with wood again this coming winter.  We paid for 10 face cords last year and it never made it here...the guy had a rough time with a hip replacement.  He called the other day and asked if I still want it.  Says it will be all maple.  Sure hope so.  The last load I got from someone else is horrible...like trying to burn sponges.

    Hope everyone is feeling okay and , oh, BTW, Hunter Seat may be moving east!!!