14 since Cal went into the hospital.  It has been a l o n g two weeks. The dr. assures me he can come home once they get meds regulated for him.  Apparently his initial meds were causing liver issues .... his numbers there seem to be improving and the ultrasound showed no damage.  They transferred him from the local hospital to one in Syracuse.  Got him stable enough to do a cardiac catherization and he started showing improvement...I could hear increased strength in his voice because about 4 days after he got there they went under quarantine.  So, we do a lot of phone calls.  Just so I don't feel left out, the Dr. stuck a heart monitor on me.  One more week to go on that.  Other than that, it has been a rather normal fall.

Jade still bullies , with intent to hurt, Echo.  I am thinking I need to cut back to one and I will probably keep Jade.  She is a safe ride even if she doesn't like sharing her people with other horses.

So hoping all the rest of our members are having a quiet November.