Well, seems the boss really wants that guttering put up on the barn.  So, we made a trip to Fawn Lodge to get the rest of my tools.  Both of my trucks were out of service and the Frankensploder wasn't available either.  So, Dave shuttled me to Redding and Jmebear met us there with her tiny little Kia.  No can fit dogs, tools, luggage, and me in that little car.  So, no tools.  Of course, she wants a job completed that requires my tools for it.  So, off to Fawn Lodge to get them.  Since it was raining today, it was a good day to waste.

Fixed the brakes on my '56 stationwagon.  I also brought along the battery out of the Ford so I could start the Studebaker.  Hopefully, I will be able to get her going this week.  We shall see.  Running wasn't Bess' problem.  Stopping was the issue.  However, after a ten-year siesta, she will be a challenge to wake up again.  We shall see what I can do.  Should have bought some starter fluid in Redding.  Will have to do without I suppose.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week.