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Scene of the Sting

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Scene of the Sting
  • Rode Apache at the location where we disturbed the yellow jackets a couple weeks ago. I had taken care of the nest so they were gone. I fully expected him to refuse to go through the area but he surprised me and walked right by the Scene of the Sting. 

    I am the only one who has ridden Apache since we got him. I think next weekend the wife and I will try swapping horses and see how it goes. He has come a long way from when I first got on him and he was like, that is as far as we are going, NO WHERE!

  • Good Job Apache!

    I always suggest to the person moving on to another horse, that we can swap back during the ride if they want .

    It usually takes enough pressure off them that they are willing to finish out the ride on the new mount.

    Sarcee did great yesterday even though penning  is not her fave activity.

    She seemed to settle in and enjoy.

    Anything is fun for her  as long as her feet are moving.

    Her feet were worse than I thought so I did trim them quick before loading.

    I planned to take Tex today but his feet are really in need and I don't think I'll have the time or strength this morning.

    Sarcee won't mind another ride day.

    Everyone enjoy!