be able to choose Connie.
They both are beautiful.
If I had to choose I would have to lean toward the useable one.

I have sold only three horses.
I really regret selling one. Beau a TB I rehabbed for my friends.
I could have easily kept him.
A big black sweet giant very much like my Tex.

One I was glad to get rid of, a beautiful near leopard Appaloosa.
She hated me.

And an Appaloosa stud. A friend was desperate for him so I knew he would be well cared for.

Another not mine that breaks my heart was Hunterseats little rescue Appaloosa Danica.
I should have bought her.

Today looks like a trip for some building stuff for winter preparedness.
It looks like awesome riding weather here for the weekend.

I hope everyone gets some horse time.