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Mild Monday

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Mild Monday
  • The weather looks good for the week ahead.
    I hope to get some riding in soon.
    My hip gets very sore and weak when I lay off too long.

    Heading back from our mini vacation.
    It was a nice but fattening break.
    Too much good seafood.

    Coffee then load the car.

    I hope everyone has wonderful week.

  • Our monsoon season has arrived.  Of course, I have too many things that still need doing outside.  All of this rain is making it easier to find the places I need more gravel brought in to fill.  Of course, I knew where but now it is easier to find them.

    I had pretty much made my mind up to cut back to one horse and I can not decide which one.  Jade rides well, is a brat in the barn but is a safe horse to be around...she is also pretty.  Echo has not yet been ridden here but she has complete trust in me and I somehow feel obligated to her.

    Feeding Nutrena Top Line has made a great improvement in Echo's top line.  She no longer looks low backed , maybe just a tad high withered but not low backed.

    I think I shared pictures of the girls before , but, hey, just in case, here they are.

    Echo, B&W and Jade Bay and White.

  • A hard choice as both are beautiful Connie.

    Back to work on the Chevy.  I have given up on the very expensive (for me) Ford.