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Friday Fair

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Friday Fair
  • All seems well.
    The weather is beautiful.

    Dr. Matt decided the broken tooth would be fine to leave alone.
    He touched up his teeth.
    I had him do vaccs and coggins.
    Jet is pronounced all set until next year.

    We had skipped over Tex's dental with the all of Jet and Chica's issues.
    I need to get him in before the holidays.

    The bull got moved which is a good thing.
    He and the neighbor's Zebu bull were starting to challenge each other at the fence.
    Silly sight since the zebu is not much bigger than I.
    And the longhorn bull is very large. He will be massive in another year..

    The calves are released from the weaning pen.
    Our cattle workload is now much lighter.

    Pilot was able to maneuver into the plane with his knee.
    He took it out for a flight.

    Today may be a trip to town since there is no other plans.

    I hope you all have a fairly wonderful Friday.

  • Well, the Ford appears to be a waste of time.  I should have known better.  Back to fixing the old man.  He may have his issues but the old Chevy doesn't need a computer to tell me what the problem is.