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The Stings

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The Stings
  • On Wednesday after our morning walk wanted to rake some fresh fallen pine straw so I headed back to the house. I am in the garage and hear some sort of squawking. I am thinking it is a sick goose. No, it is the wife running up the driveway tearing her clothes off as she ran into a yellow jacket nest. They were following her up the driveway.  The nest is no more.

    Yesterday we had a very short horseback ride, 11 minutes. Apache disturbed a yellow jacket nest along one of the trails. At first I thought it was a horse fly bothering him, but he was active different than he would with a horse fly. The wife saw the yellow jackets swarming and I got him to quickly move on. Somehow the wife and Fancy, they took a detour, managed not to get stung. Got back to the barn and told Apache, "please stand still while I get off". Got off and got rid of one last bee still on his leg. Both his back ankles seemed swollen last night. I was amazed that he just didn't bolt off when the stinging began, that is what I would have expected out of him.

    Have lived here since 1999 and have only dealt with 2 yellow jacket nest prior to these two. May stick to road riding for a while. It will be a long slow process trying to scout the trails for nest activity. From what I have read they don't reuse the nest the following year, which is good. Need to deal with the Apache Nest now.


  • Yikes Face be careful .

    Nice to see you.

    What a good horse Apache was not to bolt.

    Awhile ago, Pilot ran into a nest of yellowj ackets in a brush pile he was moving with the bobcat.

    He got a bunch of stings.

    We keep benedryl in all the vehicles. you just never know.

    We also have red hornets here.

    There is a nest in a rosemary bush we have to deal with, waiting for a cool morning to get rid of them.

    The rain has brought up the fire ants also.

    I treated about 50 mounds yesterday. I will treat some more today but we are about out of ant poison.

    It is drying up nicely and I let the horses out for a few hours yesterday late.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

  • Fire ants...my son in HI does fire ant treatment for some of his customers.

    Yellow jackets....Went on an organized trail ride and coming back to the starting point we went through a field.  Thankfully, I was near the front.  An older couple on a nice pair of Haffies were near the back and the nest got stirred up and they focused on them...well, him.  He was camped next to me.  He looked awful and his wife took him to the ER...seems he is allergic.  He said that they told him that they go for things that glisten so watch out for your eyes and they go to high points so hold a hand over your head to save your face.  At a later time my youngest, a friend and I were riding in the fall through an old orchard.  His little horse stirred up the nest.  My sweet mare got bitten on the muzzle and I on the leg.  The friend  Hollered to us to get out of the way and went blazing past into a corn field.  Her poor horse had over 20 bites on his underbelly.  So scary.  Thankfully, her horse was not allergic but every bite left a bald spot.

    I keep a can of bee spray in the barn ...the kind that you can use from a distance.  Had to use it on a nest that appeared in my tack building this spring.

    Hope all are well.

  • The 1st nest that I thought I took care of show activity again. I had emptied an entire can of wasp spray in it. Last night I dumped of pile of 7 dust on it.

  • Darned pests.  I want to get rid of the old apple orchard down below in the pasture I don't use so I can use it.  They seem to thrive where there are fallen apples.  Glad your wife outran most of them.

  • Next time use a bucket of hot water and dawn dishwashing liquid.  It will get rid of the wasps and not kill everything else.