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Friday and once again

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Friday and once again
  • a government agency makes me wonder why they get the big bucks.

    I ordered printer ink on ebay.  USPS tracking told me yesterday it was "out for delivery"  Never arrived.  Today I checked the site and read that delivery failed due to animal interference.   Hmmm,  house cats, garage kitty, barn cats and two horses....none of which reside near the mail box.  I called the local post office and the post mistress told me she had no idea why the substitute delivery person put that down.  She will hold the package at the post office and I can pick it up this morning.  I often get some one else's mail and my packages have been missdelivered.  The house number is on the house and both sides of the mail box.    And these people get a good pay , benefits, and mileage.  At least my regular mail carrier knows me and gets things right.

    The girls seem to have an armed truce but I am NOT putting them out together.,

    I have never been happy with Echo's topline and have seen her gain weight since she arrived.  When I was getting a "procedure' at the hospital one of the nurses is an old friend and she said she bought back an old morgan stallion she had sold and his top line was awful.  She tried "top Line" by Nutrena.  She said she saw results in a month and  then put him on maintainance.  She had just upped his daily amount because he was going to an exibition.  NOT CHEAP but I got a bag.   Echo has been on it for two weeks and I can actually see a difference in her.  I have watched her and a site where the man sells TWH.  He , when picturing them unsaddled always has them stretched out with their hind feet lower than their front feet....that levels out the topline.  She shuffles so maybe this is part of her genetic build.  She holds her full full full tail like a paso.

    I thought I posted here yesterday.  Apparently I forgot to click on Publish.

    Hope all are doing well.  In the low 40's here this morning.


  • USPS has issues and it will only get worse. Starting this month they are intentionally slowing things down to save money.  Our packages get delivered to neighbors all the time. We use to have a lady deliver our mail that would drive up the driveway and blow the horn. If you didn't come out she drove off with your packages and you had to go get them yourself at the post office. She refused to get out of her car. We had no dogs just a couple cats. If the horses were at our house they were behind the house and couldn't be seen.