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Wednesday Wet

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Wednesday Wet
  • and forecast for the rest of the week is wetter.
    So happy because we need it.

    Sent Vet a pic of Jet's tooth piece.
    His comment back was Uh Oh!
    Trip in on Monday for a quick tooth exam.
    The broken tooth will probably need to be extracted.
    Luckily the equine dentist was already scheduled to be at the clinic on 10/12.

    Feed restock is necessary so hopefully we can get that done between rain drops.

    The generator was a no go.
    Price was high for the condition.
    And the sellers were very bizarre.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.
  • Well, at least you know why Jet was off his feed.  Hopefully the extraction won't cause further problems.

    Still struggling to get the Ford ready for the road.  It had an exhaust leak and I finally tackled it this weekend.  Still... working... on... it...   Fords are so much fun.  Then again, so are any of the newer vehicles.  Once I get the exhaust leak fixed, I can take it in to be smogged.  Oh... joy!   This is why I wanted the '66 Chevy in the first place.  I don't think I'll be keeping this Fred very long.   Now, if it was a '64 instead of a 94, maybe I would keep it.  Ah, but I couldn't afford it if it was a '64.   So... there you have it.

    Oh sigh, another week without ponies.  Life isn't very good without the ponies.  At least I have the doggos to keep me company.

    Hope everyone else has a great day and week.