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Wednesday We

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Wednesday We
  • Have fall!
    Temps only in eighties.
    Work can get done much more comfortably.

    Tonto went for a graze.
    He is doing well except he needs his feet done badly.
    Fronts more than backs.
    He doesn't have the patience for it anymore so I need a helper.

    I hope everyone is cooler.
    Have a great day!
  • Low 70's here but muggy still.  Trying to decide which mare to keep.  I do NOT need two horses.  I am thinking of winter stalls and water and  one sounds better.  It will be a hard choice.

    I have been invaded by flies....it would help if someone would learn to shut doors even if he is "coming right back in".  hmmm wonder who that could be?

    No real news here.

    Hope all are well and the smoke and heat are abating.