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Friday Feels

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Friday Feels
  • Like it was the longest week ever.
    Thankful the weather was at least pleasant.
    Some rain from the hurricane would have been an extra blessing.

    I hope everyone is feeling fine for the weekend.
  •  One of "my " girls from when I worked at school was selling some tack.  Now, I wanted a specific bit to try on Echo so I went.  I did get a bit.  and a couple of saddle pads.  She looked at me when I got there and said that I was not dressed to ride. I told her I did not come to ride but to buy tack.  She saddled up two horses and we rode.  I got a new saddle rack.

    Not sure if she called her Katie or Kaylee...I tried KD which somehow morphed into JD and became Jade.  She is a safe ride and has the smoothest Jog....however, she hates and I mean hates Echo.  Not sure what to do.  I do not like having to keep them split up.

  •  Oh, this is Echo...I have not ridden her yet but she is much better with her head and I can bridle her.  She is super to work around but this poor girl has had some rough treatment at some point in her life.

  • Hello Connie,

    Congrats on another saddle rack!

    I love that picture of Echo.

    Sorry separation is necessary. Maybe they will learn to get along.