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Monday Mare

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Monday Mare
  • Sarcee came in last evening acting colicky.
    She did poop and had good gut sounds but didn't eat her feed.
    Feed is only one cup soaked alfalfa pellets along with 3/4 cup oil.
    Also electrolytes and probiotic supplements.
    I did not give her any alfalfa.

    Gave her banamine and watched her all night.
    About midnight she finally ate her feed and supplements.

    She was acting nornal throug out the night and ravenous when I took her out to pee.
    About 4 am I have her half her alfalfa ration.
    5:30 there was a small poop.
    I hope she is still fine when i go turn them out.

    Everyone have a wonderful week.

  • so darned scary when this happens.  (((HUGS)))