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Thursday thrashing

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Thursday thrashing
  • Well, I'm in Facebook jail again.  Oh dear, if these people knew how funny I find this, they would ban me permanently!  Apparently I have been a bad boy by sharing unacceptable memes and saying I don't like the Democrats in charge of the city I moved out of in So. Cal.  Eeeeevil terrible fellow that I am!  How DARE I!  Oh yes, that's right... How DARE I do such things!  You must not mock the party line!  Dissent is not permitted.

    Well, I got the '51 New Moon sold to a very enthusiastic little round, jolly lady.  She is delightfully thrilled to have it.  So the old lady is going to a good home.  Truly a win/win situation!  This will provide me with the money to buy the Ford F250 from my friend Dave and to get my '56 wagon back on the road.  Hopefully it will also make it possible to get that Spartan out of Alturas as well.  If so, cool beans as that trailer is a beauty!  Well, diamond in the rough at the moment.  We shall see how all of THAT works out.

    Went to Senior (Government) distribution today.  Lot'sa nice stuff this month.  Up before dawn and threw a snack to the horses before we left.

    Headed back to Fawn Lodge over the weekend.  Have to get that trailer ready to make a 450 mile trip.  Good thing I have a permission slip from the Mommy State.

  • Hi Stude.  I was in FB jail also...24 hour restriction for commenting on what I thought was an acceptable punishment for treason.  Oops...still meant it

    I need to get back here more often, miss out on what friends are doing when  I am not here.