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Monday Already

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Monday Already
  • Where did the weekend go?

    Glad to hear that Stude and Jmebear are safe for now.
    So scary.

    We have a busy week getting things done before Pilot's knee surgery.
    I think he should go fly today while the weather is good.

    Friends and I had a good ride yesterday.
    It was hot so more visiting in the shade than anything else.

    Be safe and have a great day.
  • It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today.  Almost no smoke, to speak of.  Headed to Oak Run today.  

    Having a frustrating day with the Ford.  The injectors I bought on the 'bay turned out to be for a Mustang, not for a truck.  Hence, they are too small.  The Chinese vendor is giving me trouble about a return and I am losing patience with him.  He takes several days to answer a message and then each time throws up a hurdle for me.  I told him this is the last one and I am filing a complaint with the 'Bay about his tactics.  I'm pretty sure all I need are these silly injectors to get the Ford going and due to the current situation, I'm not very happy with the delay.

    Off to see the ponies and puppies today.  Really missing them at this point.  If it's this nice in Oak Run, I might even be able to get Socks and Louie out.  I'm also going to try getting Raven out, if possible.  We shall see how things go.

    Hope everyone else has a great, smoke free, day!