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Wednesday Where

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Wednesday Where
  • Everyone and everything belongs.
    Truck and bobcat home.
    Steer delivered.

    Family member home.
    Pneumonia, hypoxia and respiratory failure.
    Not the best news but could certainly be worse.

    I have 2 volunteer days, tomorrow and Friday.
    Hoping to pick up a cube of squares and couple bags of mare and foal.

    Jet has been on beet pulp but I don't like it. I often forget to soak it.
    Thought I might see how he does on half alfalfa pellets and half mare and foal.

    I hope all are having a good week.

  • Smoke be rollin' through Fawn Lodge like a London Fog.  My head is pounding and I'm feeling rather drowsy.  Started out with blue skies and just a bit of smudge to the west.  Went downhill fast after three o'clock.  The Monument fire is contained, if not out completely.  The McFarland fire, south of us, is still going strong though nearly half contained.  The Dixie fire is still heartbreakingly roaring along around Lake Alamanor.  Found out this morning a Professor from central California was setting fires behind the firelines and causing untold havoc.  He was caught and detained without bail.  Whether anything will be done to him is yet to be seen.  California has a tendency of being quite lenient on their elites.

    I'm supposed to go back to Oak Run tonight and am dreading the drive.