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Fast Friday

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Fast Friday
  • Stude my condolences also.
    And good luck with the truck project.
    What year is it?

    i thought I blew up the bobcat Wednesday evening.
    Drove it to help Pilot put the big fuel tank on its relocated stand.
    It went well. Idled it for awhile so he could position it on stand.
    And since I had it I pushed the manure pile and decided to pick up a load of rocks.
    Located a rocky area shut off the machine and filled the bucket with rocks which took a bit of time.
    Started up and headed to our dam project, dumped the rocks and headed to hangar to put machine away.

    When I got it in the building and shut it off it was boiling over.
    I thought it was the end of the machine.
    Pilot hauled it in, was told 2 weeks before they could look at it, then order parts...
    They called before 5 and said it was fixed. A belt was slipping that caused it to overheat.
    Lucky fix, he is picking it up today so no down time.

    Our rain chances disappeared.
    I hope they reappear over a fire.
    I know it is wishful thinking.

    Happy Friday everyone!
  • The new truck is a '94.  I'm dealing with injector issues at the moment.  Not sure how to tackle it.  All but one injector's solenoid  is active so now I have to see how many are plugged up.  Was seriously considering just buying a new set and may still go that way.  All the same, not very happy with all the vacuum  plumbing all over the place and the incredibly complicated wiring.  The temptation is to get this going, sell it and fix the old Chevy.  However, the 460 in this Fred will handle all my very heavy trailers a lot better.

    Smoke so thick it's like a heavy fog lately.  Today was a bit better,  I understand Redding is particularly bad.  Dreading Oak Run.