Should be a good day with friends.

Yesterday the entire day was spent on calves.
Penning, loading them, waiting for a vet appointment.
Branding, vaccs, wormer and 2 castrations.
Finally unloading into the weaning pen.
Our cow vet is extremely short handed.

Good news that batch is done.
Bad news is one decided to be exempt from the days activities.
So we have to catch her up next week.

Our plan is to get a specialized chute for longhorns.
We can then do it all ourselves including AI.

Echo is a pretty girl and I expect she will get prettier under Connie's care.

Stude sounds like the truck needs a new home.
It maybe one of those things you'll wonder why you didn't move on sooner.
Someone else needs to have it as their special project.

I hope everyone has cooler weather soon.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!