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Thursday Thick

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Thursday Thick
  • mud. An inch of rain so far.
    Horse pens are sloppy, soggy messes.

    Thursday means volunteer day.
    Our chief person at help center had surgery on Monday.
    She is doing well but is out for a good while.
    She tapped me to take over for her.
    Easy because everyone knows their job and does it well.
    I just have to steer the ship.

    We seem to be having an outbreak in our community and school.
    Not good.

    Well wishes for Cal.
    I hope the scan finds the problem and a fix happens.
    Chronic pain is no picnic.

    All be well!
  • thank you for the good wishes.  I know you  will "steer the ship" well.

    Cal drank what he called liquid chalk and went for his scan...we left early to go by the feed store.  Got to the hospital early...he went in and they took him in early.  We were home about ten minutes after his original test time...sure didn't bother me.  He still has a wicked pain in his side...I swear they left a camera in there from when he had the cancer surgery.

    Warmed up a little today...was already thirty when I went to the barn.

    Oh, took photos to an artist friend before I got sick.  I think she has Whisper's portrait done.  Now to pick it up and pay for it.  Then to find a frame.  I have pictures of horses but never commissioned a portrait.  I am excited.